A flora of southern Illinois by Robert H. Mohlenbrock, John W. Voigt PDF

By Robert H. Mohlenbrock, John W. Voigt

ISBN-10: 080930662X

ISBN-13: 9780809306626

This e-book could be of specific curiosity to these inter­ested in utilized fields of biology, corresponding to conservation, forestry, and wild lifestyles. The southern twelve counties of Illinois, a complete of 4,355 sq. miles, include the world coated during this e-book. it's a space during which either northern and southern flowers specimens abound. a wide selection of plant species develop during this zone, and approximately 2 hundred new crops now not previously pointed out with this region were integrated within the listings. Especially beneficial to novice botanists, the ebook is a vital guide in deciding upon the crops that make up the local surroundings of this quarter. Seventy-seven illustrations relief in choosing and knowing the plant groups.

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Berberidaceae 6. Flower parts not as above 7 7. Perianth undifferentiated; pistils and stamens numerous 55. Ranunculaceae 7. Perianth differentiated (sepals and petals distinct) 8 8. Flowers perigynous or perigynous with free hypogynous hypanthium; apocarpous (Plate 2) 9 9. Fruit a follicle or dehiscent capsule Spiraeoideae in 74. Rosaceae 9. Fruit an achene or drupelets (achenes sometimes enclosed by hypanthium) Rosoideae in 74. Rosaceae 8. Flowers hypogynous (Plate 2); pistil 1 (5-parted); stamens 5; leaves obcordate 77.

Anacardiaceae 2. Leaves pinnately compound 5 5. Leaves once-pinnately compound 6 6. Paired stipules at base of petiole 7 7. Stipules as short spines at base of petiole 8 8. Leaflets 3 to 11; flowers regular, plants polygamous or dioecious Zanthoxylum in 81. Rutaceae 8. Leaflets 9 to 21; flowers perfect, irregular Robinia in 75. Leguminosae 7. Stipules as reduced leaflet-like appendages; ovary apocarpous, perigynous (Plate 2) 74. Rosaceae 6. Paired stipular spines absent 9 9. Leaves having paired glands at base of leaflets 82.

Arcturus books, AB120) Bibliography: p. 1. BotanyIllinois. I. , joint author. II. Title. 13'09773 73-12984 ISBN 0-8093-0662-X Copyright © 1959 by Southern Illinois University Press All rights reserved First published November 1959 Arcturus Books Edition February 1974 This edition printed by offset lithography in the United States of America Page v Contents List of Illustrations vii Introduction 3 Keys 13 Division Pteridophyta 41 Division Spermatophyta 56 Class Gymnospermae 56 Class Angiospermae 59 Literature Cited 369 Index of Plant Names 371 Page vii List Of Illustrations Figures 1 Trailing Ground-Pine (Lycopodium complanatum var.

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