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By Thomas Oberlies

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The 2 nice epics of (old) India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, are written in a language, which differs from so-called classical Sanskrit in lots of information. either texts nonetheless are of a huge significance in India and different nations. due to this, a grammar describing all of the assorted features of epic Sanskrit has been ignored previously. The Grammar of Epic Sanskrit will now shut this hole.

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ScI! (el passim). p. 1064 - Introduction - XLVII Mjddle lndo-Aryan, in wbich quite a number of these 'irregularities' have become the regular for ms 1: (3) shortening of long vowels at the seams of 'compounds' (see OBER­ LIES 200 1 , 30 I§ 2c) 1 39 1§ 2b) 1 5 1 I§ 2bl') (5) coalesccnce of f. 1)) (6) confusion of nom. of the f. 7]) (10) °sati- "sa- in numerals (see OBERLtES 200 I : 196) (12) omission of samasanta-suffixes (see OBERLIES 200 1 : 136 n. 7) (13-14) omission or wrong addition of the augment (see OBERLIES 200 1 : 242 with n.

A8 VIll 1 7. 1. AA [J 4,1 (occurs also in RV) - (7) paradigmatic ievellingJ (... 35): (loc. 12. (acc. ) "han(J�, TS, VS6 - (8 ) transfer of stem (... 3 . omai& (- °/6man_). 2. pefo- (- pe,vos-). 5-6, jyot(J1I (.... 2. yOfe�1O (.... 1, , See AiGr. UES (1990: 15O-153). The shonening of a long vowd before a double consonant al tbe seams of compounds - a feature of Ihe Tainiri)'a-SaJphilli - may be the first trace ofthe 'law of mom'. lhI13 (see AiGr. III § l I8a). perhaps an archalsnl. See A1Gr. III § 94 (also on Ihecommel1cemenl oflhis phcoomenol1 l11 the �gveda).

Ht! -). -). -). -}. I ( -_-). _). ) Morphology: Also a number of changes the "OIm suffered are due to metrical exigen­ cies. The m. i- and II-Siems fanned a gen. pl. 9b, Parallel cases are -� lhose of lhe acc. sg. and nom. pI. m. fl'- (", , , Marked In the follOWing by bold r:ypes. ATY ( 1 889: 624-6251 628), HoPKINS (1901: 242-243 / 278-280 /457 [No. 45]), id. (1903: 8 with n. G . (1995: 2]-25). cr. iaro\'I1T"fl'lJu cMduyun C- -). 31 b. I. COBI . N DMLEN (1980; 78). 27): piiruf!! putraf!! 12b = 8 1 .

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