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By James N. Corbridge Jr., William A. Weber, Ken C. Abbott

ISBN-10: 0585028583

ISBN-13: 9780585028583

ISBN-10: 0870814907

ISBN-13: 9780870814907

A Rocky Mountain Lichen Primer is an creation and box consultant to lichens within the Rocky Mountain sector. It beneficial properties seventy-two colour plates picturing the most typical and conspicuous species to be present in the mountains and foothills of the Rockies. lots of those lichens also are universal in different geographic parts, giving the booklet a broader application for these drawn to lichens in other places. as well as the plates, A Rocky Mountain Lichen Primer incorporates a short description of every species to help in identity, besides a basic advent to lichens and their constitution. The publication is customized to the amateur, and incorporates a part on starting a lichen assortment.

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Fantastic watercolors of lichens, ferns, algae, and fungi. Vitt, D. , J. E. Marsh, & R. B. Bovey. 1988. A photographic field guide to the mosses, lichens, and ferns of northwest North America. 296 pp. Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton. Wirth, Volkmar. 1995. Die Flechten Baden-Wiirttembergs [The lichens of Baden-Württemberg]. 2 volumes, 1006 pp. In German. The most elegant treatment of Central European lichens, with stunning color plates. Don't let the language put you off! Page 41 Glossary A Alga A green or blue-green one-celled plant (or cyanobacterium).

They are so abundant that they are actually responsible for the greenish cast common to the mountains themselves. The species are only distinguished by chemical analyses. X. coloradoënsis has no isidia or soredia, and forms a thallus loosely attached to rocks; the underside is pale. Page 25 47. Xanthoparmelia (Parmelia) mexicana [from Mexico]. This "green parmelia" is densely isidiate, and the underside is pale brown to brown. The apothecia of Xanthoparmelia are large, brown, with a thalline margin.

A very abundant, coarsely lumpy white lichen dominating the soil in late-melting alpine snow-bed areas. This is a lichen that has never been known to fruit (what we call lichenes imperfecti). Several other species occur in forests, often at the bases of trees and sometimes on rocks. Some are called Leproloma; they are difficult to distinguish without chemical analysis. 68. Normandina pulchella [pretty, little]. This tiny and very unusual lichen resembles a little bluish-gray saucer, and can be found, usually over mosses, on the bark of the bases of conifers.

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