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Shamanism might be outlined because the perform of initiated shamans who're individual by way of their mastery of various altered states of cognizance. Shamanism arises from the activities the shaman takes in non-ordinary fact and the result of these activities in traditional truth. it's not a faith, but it calls for religious self-discipline and private sacrifice from the mature shaman who seeks the top levels of mystical improvement

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Training may follow a set tradition or proceed on a spontaneous path guided by the shaman’s helping spirits. As the shaman learns to move from physical reality into other possible realities, he or she learns to perceive the pulse of the universe in all things. The shaman does not seek to influence or change that pulse, but to make changes in vibrations of the people and things, to bring them into resonance and harmony with that pulse. The shaman’s approach is based on unity with the lifeforce inherent in all things and on empathy for the fear and pain others experience when they fall out of harmony with that universal lifeforce.

Xxxiii THE SHAMAN’S TRANCE The shaman uses specific practices or sacred technologies to enter into a narrow range of altered states of consciousness. This particular range has certain qualities that allow the shaman to work in partnership with his or her helping spirits. These trance states are essential and fundamental for shamanic work. They enable the shaman to forge, maintain, and utilize the working relationship with spirit. The partnership between the shaman and the spirits, whether in the physical or spiritual realm, generates the power for shamanic healing and ritual.

Gathering statistics from 488 societies (57 percent of the societies represented in the ethnographic atlas), she determined that 437, or 90 percent, of the societies have one or xxxv more institutionalized, culturally patterned forms of altered states of consciousness. Bourguignon’s conclusion was that the ability to enter altered states of consciousness is a psychobiological capacity available to humans in all societies. The capacity to experience a range of trance states is a basic human potential.

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