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Lactarius subdulcis. Edible. Edible: LACTARIUS SUBDULCIS This is one of the smaller species of the genus (Figure 24 and Plate 46), but it amply makes up in numbers for its lack of size. The fruit body is a uniform reddish brown, the caps being from i to 2 inches wide and the stems from 2 to 2 1/2 inches long and somewhat slender, at least for a Lactarius. The top of the cap is flat or nearly so, with a small rounded bump just above the stem, and the surface has a slightly mealy appearance. The juice is white and often rather scanty, but it can usually be seen when the cap is bent back far enough to split the edges of the gills.

Specimens more than a foot high with caps 10 inches 32 WHITE SPORE PRINT wide have been found several times by the author and doubtless by many others. In dense forests of mixed hardwoods we have come upon large fairy rings made up of perfect specimens approaching this size, and with their brightly colored caps they made an impressive sight. The average cap is from 6 to 8 inches wide, and the color varies from straw-yellow to reddish orange, the reddish shades being more typical. The surface is spotted with large white or pale yellow warts that are likely to be distributed in circles, but these warts may be shed from old specimens.

The surface is sticky when moist, but in dry weather it must be dampened to reveal this quality. Often on newly expanded caps, soft, white, warty patches of mycelium are scattered over the surface, but these soon disappear. The gills are white and do not touch the stem, being free as in Lepiota arid Agaricus. The * The first-aid procedure for any poison taken by mouth is to have the stomach pumped or to induce vomiting as soon as possible. Call your doctor! 28 WHITE SPORE PRINT flesh is about 1/4 inch thick near the stem, white, firm, and brittle in fresh specimens but rather soft and limp in old ones.

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