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By Veronica Clark, Joan Hart

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A heart-warming tale of a lady who dedicated her existence to assisting others. this is often the memoir of Joan, who all started nursing within the Nineteen Forties and whose reports took her into the Yorkshire mining pits and during the tumult of the 1984-85 miners’ strike.

Joan Hart constantly knew what she desired to do together with her lifestyles. Born in South Yorkshire in 1932, she all started her nursing education whilst she used to be sixteen, the youngest age ladies may perhaps accomplish that on the time. She endured operating after she married and her paintings took her to London and Doncaster, taking good care of young children and miners.

When she took a role as a pit nurse in Doncaster in 1974, she came upon that during order to be approved by means of the boys below her care, she must turn into certainly one of them. as a rule rejecting a conventional nurse’s uniform and wearing a saggy miner’s swimsuit, pit boots, a hardhat and a headlamp, Joan resolved continually to head all the way down to injured miners and convey them out of the pit herself.

Over 15 years Joan grew to grasp the miners not just as a nurse, yet as a confidante and good friend. She tended to injured miners underground, rescued males trapped within the pits, and supplied help for them and their households through the sour miners’ strike which stretched from March 1984 to 1985.

Moving and uplifting, it is a tale of 1 woman’s lifestyles, marriage and paintings; it truly is bound to make readers snigger, cry, and smile.

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